Sites and Modalities: Water Flame (Post 1)

Site of Production:





-Photograph is heavily edited and enhanced

-Final image looks nothing like the photograph

-Image is meant to be visually stimulating and to look perfect.

-It is meant to make us curious


-We as humans are intrigued by strange things and imaginary things, which effect the way we view images

-If an image is anything out of the ordinary we are immediately interested because it is something that breaks the “normal”

-This aspect is thought about in the production of an image because the first thing an image has to do is capture the viewer’s attention.

Site of the Image:


-Photographs are taken first using a camera with a high definition lens

-Image is changed/ added to through computer software (editing, cropping, enhancing)


-Image is placed directly in the center

-Light is illuminating from behind the water flame, suggesting that the water flame is illuminating the darkness just as it would if it were a real flame.

- The metal is enhanced to be very reflective

-The water droplets make you imagine the cold temperature of the metal


-We as a society relate zippo lighters to flames, because that is after all what they produce ad that has an effect on the way we view this image

-We know that the flame is water, but when you look at it you still see a flame because of the lighter and because of the shape of the flame itself

Site of Audiencing:


-The fact that the image was made on computer and will be viewed on a computer effects how we see it.

-The fact that the water flame clearly is not real also affects the way we see it.


-The way the flame is directly in the center places all emphasis on it

-The flame is where we start and also where we end

-The composition was set up so that we would focus most all our attention on the flame itself, thus effecting the way we see the image


-We view this image on a computer screen, rather than in person in a specific place

-This image is not real, and will never be, therefore we cannot go somewhere and see it with our own eyes or touch it with our hands

-We view it differently on a computer screen because we are in the comfort of our own homes or offices rather than a place

-There is always a boundary between you and the image

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